Most locations where you can collect your G-Tickets will have a Prize Hub, our on-site vending solution. Here you can redeem your G-Tickets for prizes. It offers variety of prizes clearly displayed in front of you. Each of those prizes contains a G-Ticket value. To redeem your prize, simply choose the prize using touch screen menu on the Prize Hub.

If your player card is linked use your GamerGreen® app to redeem for prizes instantly, select PRIZEHUB LOGIN on the home page of the app which will take you to your unique QR code.

Go to the SCAN PHONE CODE HERE window on the Prize Hub and present the QR code. Tip: When scanning QR code the phone should be held horizontally at the slight angle from the reader.

NOTE: if your player card is not linked to your GamerGreen® app, then you can use your player card. But we urge you to get the app and link your card to start banking for some awesome prizes.