Frequently Asked Questions2023-11-17T17:42:26+00:00

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is GamerGreen®?2023-11-17T17:33:14+00:00

GamerGreen® was founded on the belief that the traditional way of being rewarded for playing arcade games needed taking to the next level with a digital solution that can offer a larger, more exciting selection of prizes for the player.

We are on a mission to disrupt the traditional. We want you to have fun playing games and banking your G-Tickets for really great stuff you’ll love!

You can easily redeem your G-Tickets for prizes shipped right to their door anytime or anywhere through the GamerGreen® app or via the listed Prize Hubs. Everyone who completes the free registration process with the GamerGreen® app receive free G-Tickets and joins our VIP club.

How do I earn G-Tickets?2023-11-17T17:33:52+00:00

G-Tickets are collected by playing the games of skill and rewarded proportionally to your score. The more you play and the better your skill the more G-Tickets you earn. G-Tickets are best when cumulated, meaning more G-Tickets = more prizes.

You can use those G-Tickets to shop for prizes or you can choose to save your G-Tickets up and shop for even better prizes! G-Tickets can be exchanged for prizes on-site via Prize Hubs or Online via GamerGreen® app.

How Do I Earn and redeem G-Tickets?2023-11-17T17:34:31+00:00

Winning & spending G-Tickets is easy:

  • Register your GamerGreen® Account on the app.
  • Visit a game room that is powered by GamerGreen®.
  • Find a Kiosk and collect your free player card.
  • Select LINK ACCOUNT on the app home screen.
  • Link your player card by scanning the unique identifier code on the back.
  • Play games, have fun, and know that G-Tickets are adding into your GamerGreen® account.
  • Bank Your G-Tickets, keep coming back and you’ll see your GamerGreen® account grow with G-Tickets!
  • Shop for 1000’s of awesome prizes on the app or through the Prize Hubs using your hard-earned G-Tickets.
Why aren’t my earned G-Tickets showing on the player card?2023-11-17T17:34:48+00:00

Please note, by linking your Player Card to the GamerGreen® app your G-Tickets will be automatically transferred from the card onto the app.

Can I link more than one player card to my account?2023-11-17T17:35:07+00:00

You can link as many Players Cards onto your GamerGreen® app as you want and cumulate your G-Tickets! This is a perfect situation if you forget your Player Card on a visit to our game rooms, all points accumulated on all linked Player Cards will automatically show on your GamerGreen® account.

Can I view prizes available in the GamerGreen® shop when I’m in a game room?2023-11-17T17:35:22+00:00

Yes you can, either by viewing your GamerGreen® app or by browsing the Digital Prize Catalogue in selected games room. Simply search for your favourite prize on a bigger screen. Once a prize is selected then from the app home page select scan QR code, scan the code shown on the Digital Prize Catalogue and you will be able to view on the app for speedy ordering.

Will my G-Tickets on the GamerGreen® app expire if I don’t use them?2023-11-17T17:35:40+00:00

Nope! Come back again and again to top up your G-Ticket balance.

How do I place an order?2023-11-17T17:35:55+00:00

Simply browse GamerGreen® at your leisure, using the “Add to Basket” button to add the desired item to your shopping basket. Then press the Basket button on the top right hand of the screen. Then please follow the instructions making sure to double check the delivery address is correct. Any outstanding G-Ticket balance will remain on your GamerGreen® account.

How much will delivery cost?2023-11-17T17:36:09+00:00

Not a penny! Prizes from GamerGreen® are delivered Fast and Free by Amazon Business.

What if I don’t have enough G-Tickets to collect the prize I want?2023-11-17T17:36:27+00:00

This is where the GamerGreen® app comes into it’s own. Once you have selected the prize you want you can press +WISH LISTED button. This will add this prize to your wish list. When you next return to the app home page you can view how close you are to achieving enough G-Tickets to win the prizes in your wish list. At any time the prizes can be added or taken from your wish list by selecting the target icon on the app home page.

We are regularly adding fantastic new prizes for you to choose from – check them out now!

How long does it take for my prize to arrive to my home?2023-11-17T17:36:43+00:00

Our prizes should arrive in 3-7 working days. We are proud to work with Amazon Business to ensure speedy deliver! If it does not arrive, please contact us right away so we can flex our customer service muscles.

What if I want to redeem for a prize right away?2023-11-17T17:37:04+00:00

Most locations where you can collect your G-Tickets will have a Prize Hub, our on-site vending solution. Here you can redeem your G-Tickets for prizes. It offers variety of prizes clearly displayed in front of you. Each of those prizes contains a G-Ticket value. To redeem your prize, simply choose the prize using touch screen menu on the Prize Hub.

If your player card is linked use your GamerGreen® app to redeem for prizes instantly, select PRIZEHUB LOGIN on the home page of the app which will take you to your unique QR code.

Go to the SCAN PHONE CODE HERE window on the Prize Hub and present the QR code. Tip: When scanning QR code the phone should be held horizontally at the slight angle from the reader.

NOTE: if your player card is not linked to your GamerGreen® app, then you can use your player card. But we urge you to get the app and link your card to start banking for some awesome prizes. 

How long does Game Credits and G-Tickets last on my Players Card?2023-11-17T17:37:22+00:00

Game credits and G-Tickets stored on the Player Cards expire 12 months after the date of last use. Please note the Player Cards have no cash value.

Why aren’t my G-Tickets I just won shown on my GamerGreen® account?2023-11-17T17:37:37+00:00

Sometimes due to internet connections it can take a little while for the G-Tickets to be added to your GamerGreen® account. They will show up!

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